46 thoughts on “Neymar has been charged for his comments about PSG v Man Utd

  1. This man is a hypocrite. Rolls around on the floor, cheating his fellow professionals and then moans about a hand ball. He’s laughable and average. Why bother reporting or such a lech?

  2. I guarantee that penalty would never be given again, it was a disgrace tbh. The officials just seem to stick to the letter of the law when it suits. He gave a corner but was then goaded into looking at the screen even though it didn’t fall into VAR territory as the shot was going high and wide. Imagine if that was in the final, or better yet ‘against’ Man United, there would be pitchforks in the streets!

  3. Gill, even though he wasn’t in the match day team through injury, he was named in the champions league squad, which is why he has charged…

  4. Guy’s become a joke. World at his feet in 2012, became a crybaby ponce who gets injured every February to grope his sister.

  5. Still waiting for the day referee’s are going to be called to order..its like players always take the blame for everything #it was never a penalty

  6. Once in a shadow always in a shadow. A greedy and arrogant act have been ahead of his talent and that what people will recognize him.

  7. In other news, water is still wet.

    Corrupt, criminal FIFA got their feelings hurt by petulant little spoiled Neymar.

    Rich irony!

  8. Bad loser! Also an ungracious one too. He forgets how many times hes ‘fallen over’ and feigned injury to gain an advantage on his opponents and turn a match in his teams favour. If it had been PSG who were awarded the penalty he wouldn’t have argued about it then. Prize chump!!

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