Cameron Bancroft has been named Durham captain

The Australian recently came back from a nine-month ban for his part in the ball-tampering scandal.

Cameron Bancroft has been named Durham captain

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30 thoughts on “Cameron Bancroft has been named Durham captain

  1. I live in WA where this guy comes from, Smith and Warner are being welcomed into the Aussie fold with open arms their bans end next week, they met up with one day team last week. Smith said it was “like they had never been away” progress then. This guy being the newbie was hung out to dry, its unlikely he will ever play again for Australia, he did wrong but the other 2 are the key characters, although questions still remain over the bowlers and what they knew..

  2. Well if the objective was publicity it will work – if it’s about having a leader who sets a good example for his team mates and supporters …. then this is seriously flawed .

  3. Just make sure he knows where the local DIY store is to get some more sand paper. This is a ridiculous decision from Durham

  4. The ECB royaly screwed Durham over, I for one couldn’t care less about supporters of other counties expressing their moral conundrums

  5. Ridiculous decision, considering he was complicit with Warner in hatching the ball tampering plan. He who cheats in sport, usually cheats in life. He’s untrustworthy, and that’s not a quality you want in a leader…

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